About White Oak Software

John Frykland joined Ansa Software in 1985 and teamed with Richard Schwartz, Rob Shostak, David Gardner and Randy Nielsen to create the relational database management system Paradox.  He pioneered the use of the banded report generator which is used today by most of the leading database tools.

Ansa merged with Borland International in 1988 and leveraged Borland's marketing knowledge to make Paradox a major player in the desktop database market.  By 1991, it had supplanted dBase as the primary tool for developers of PC database applications.  By 1993, companies such as American Airlines and Charles Schwab had made it their corporate standard.

In 1989, John established White Oak Software to provide clients with his experience in the information technology field.  He has been a contributor to the Paradox Informant, the Paradox Developer's Journal and has spoken at the Borland Developer's Conference.

In the early years, the company concentrated on Paradox as its primary development tool.  As the market has changed over the past decade, we have shifted our focus to Microsoft products to provide the most flexible platforms for developing new applications.  Tools such as Access, SQL Server, Visual Basic and the .Net platform have become our standards.

From our inception we have also provided practical and effective training solutions in a variety of areas.  Classes focus on getting programmers quickly up to speed in both personal computer and IBM mainframe environments.  The curriculum concentrates on languages and tools such as C, C++, Visual Basic and ASP.Net and how they interact with various operating systems.

Since 2000, we have honed our web skills so that we now offer dynamic, interactive applications that are available to anyone with internet connectivity.  By combining database back-ends with HTML, CSS, C# and VB.Net front-ends, we have created some exciting web applications complete with features like secure members only pages, ecommerce, on-line payments and information searches.